Key people and articles of the company

Key people


Director: Christina Krames, Longuich
Board of directors:

Dipl.-Kaufmann Dr. Michael Holz, Trier (chairman)
Ökonomierat Adolf Schmitt, Konz,

Herr ManSoo Hwang, Trier

Honorary members of the Board
Prof. Dr. Ikumi Waragai, Fukushima-Ken, Japan
General assembly According to the statutory articles, the general assembly takes place in the first 8 months after the end of the financial year either in Trier or in Zell or at another place on the Moselle or the Saar. All shareholders or their authorised representatives in attendance on the day of the general meeting are entered in the register of shareholders.


The equity capital of 50.000,00 Euro is divided into 2.700 common shares without nominal value and 2616 preference shares without nominal value.

Holder of the common shares is SMW Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt GmbH, Trier (100 common shares), Herr Adolf Schmitt (1845 common shares), Herr Heinrich W. Moritz (1 common share), Herr Dr. Michael Holz (650 common shares), Herr Jürgen Jung (2 common shares) and Christina Krames (100 common shares).

Owner of the preference shares are, for one, SMW Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt GmbH, Trier (273 preference shares), the remaining 2343 preference shares are in widespread shareholdings.