The vineyard share

The purchase of a single share makes each wine lover a vineyard owner and offers him the possibility of enjoying the produce of his possession himself, or of giving it away, or also of selling it independently.

With the purchase of a named preference share at the selling price of 150 Euro (share without nominal value) each wine lover becomes a shareholder in MW Mosel-Weinberg AG. You are not buying a limited virtual vine that represents one bottle of wine. No! You are buying a lasting co-ownership in the valuable vineyard property of the public company in Zell/Moselle or in Konz-Filzen/Saar.

With regard to the vineyard share, the owner ought not to be led by its material value alone. The ideal value of it is more important, because the purchase fosters the maintenance of the traditional wine cultural landscape and opens to anyone a new experience in the world of wine. The elaborate design lends the vineyard share a certain exclusivity. It is particularly suitable as a visually impressive, attractive, and individual present or lasting symbol of gratitude, for relations, friends, deserving colleagues and business partners.

As of now, with the purchase of one or more shares, you have the privilege to enjoy becoming a vineyard owner.

If you or people known to you are interested in the Moselle vineyard shares and their associated advantages, you should not hesitate for too long. Become a shareholder in MW-Mosel-Weinberg  Aktiengesellschaft!